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Randy Nicklas, Airiums, Inc.

I am a building science engineer who has been traveling across North America for 25 years working with architects, engineers, builders and homeowners to educate and provide solutions for improvements in design and construction. I have had the privilege of working closely with SC Phelps Insulation for the past ten years on a variety of building performance issues.

SC Phelps has always been able to accurately diagnose and provide building solutions for their customer base. Their projects have ranged from Timberline Lodge to small residential retrofits and in all cases the customer service has been outstanding. I highly recommend SC Phelps Insulation to anyone interested in long-term durable solutions for their buildings.

Helen Chauncy, Portland, OR

“S.C. Phelps provided insulation for a 1919 Portland heights homes that I was remodeling.  We decided upon Icynene insulation because of the both the efficiency and the environmental reasons.  We also had S.C. Phelps install an energy recovery system to re-circulate air and prevent the loss of warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer.

The installation was right on schedule and done in a professional manner.   We are just completing our first winter in the house and have been delighted with the results.  With the first warm days of summer, we have noticed that the attic, and overall the house, is much cooler.”

Hans Nielsen, Bau Hans Construction

“I have worked with Steve and Tasos for several years. They know that I am dedicated to high performance homes at a reasonable cost and they have always delivered with good and conscientious work.

It can be difficult to upgrade an old Portland home to a high level of efficiency and comfort. Air sealing and insulation is the first and most important step to bring an old house up to a 21st century standard of performance. To achieve this high efficiency, spray foam is very near the only silver bullet out there, but spray foam is a material that does require both experience and technical expertise. I know I can turn to Tasos Construction for both. I have done several whole house retrofits and some attic only jobs with Tasos and every time clients notice an immediate difference. You will wonder why you put up with a drafty old house for so long.”

Jason Siri, Siri Construction, LLC

“As a remodeling contractor concerned about energy efficiency and sound building practices, I urge my clients to tighten their building envelope and upgrade their home’s insulation. Over the past seven years, I’ve relied on Tasos Construction to provide my clients with the best service, product knowledge and value in insulation and vapor barrier upgrades. They have the right combination of construction knowledge, integrity and good customer service to win my business. I recommend Tasos Construction as the go-to company for any client who wants to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home.”

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Energy Auditing

Want to know where your air leaks are coming from or how energy efficient our home business is? Tasos Construction LLC has state-of-the-art equipment and uses all the cutting edge techniques to provide you with a useful assessment.

  • Air Leakage Blow Test
  • Smoke Pencil
  • Infrared Camera

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