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There are dozens of choices and many factors that should be considered when insulating your home.  While Tasos Construction LLC has an opinion on the best insulation products on the market, it is important to look at each home insulation situation individually. We are here to provide advice on insulating your home, based on years of experience. 


Tasos Construction LLC (formerly SC Phelps) entered the insulation industry at its inception.  Over the years, we have helped drive product innovation and we continue to evolve as new products have entered the marketplace.

Quality insulation is one of the smartest home investments you can make.  From lowering your monthly heating & cooling expenses to creating a healthier environment for your family to even increasing the overall value of your home, there are many reasons to make sure your home has high quality foam insulation.  As we like to say, “what’s in your walls, matters.”



Insulation keeps your home or business warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer which you’ll see each month in your energy costs.  Some people save as much as 50%! 



Tasos Construction LLC prides itself on offering the best green products on the market.  Our staff has spent years researching and working with insulation products so we can educate you on some of the best green options and also those that you’ll want to avoid.



Quality insulation creates a more comfortable space by absorbing sound and reducing unwanted noise from appliances, machinery, audio equipment, conversation and other sources that are transmitted through your walls and floors.

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“As a remodeling contractor concerned about energy efficiency and sound building practices, I urge my clients to tighten their building envelope and upgrade their home’s insulation. Over the past seven years, I’ve relied on Tasos Construction to provide my clients with the best service, product knowledge and value in insulation and vapor barrier upgrades. They have the right combination of construction knowledge, integrity and good customer service to win my business. I recommend Tasos Construction as the go-to company for any client who wants to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home.”

Jason Siri, Siri Construction, LLC

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The Appraisal Journal conducted studies that
demonstrated that energy efficient upgrades
could help increase the value of your home by
approximately $20 for every $1 reduction in
annual utility bills

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