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For many years, Tasos Construction LLC has been partnered with the leading spray foam manufacturers.  Whenever else possible, we recommend and install high quality spray foam insulation.

While spray foam is not made up of recycled materials, many new products that we install are made from renewable sources.  In our experience, many recycled material insulations are subpar products that perform poorly over time and can lead to loads of other problems in the home.  With a commitment to helping our clients’ lower energy costs and a belief in only using quality products, Tasos Construction LLC confidently recommends spray foam insulation as the best green insulation option that will make your home more energy efficient. 

Green Strengths

  • Spray foam is an effective air barrier, reducing energy loss and lowering costs.  Spray foam has been widely found to provide the biggest energy cost reductions; as much as 50% per month.  Long-term, spray foam provides the best option for making a home or building the most energy efficient. 
  • Spray foam will not retain water, limiting moisture build up and reducing the chances of mold.
  • The air barrier and lack of mold in your home creates a greener environment that is safe and has a higher quality of indoor air.
  • Icynene’s spray foam LD-R-50 continues to win green product awards such as Green Builder magazine’s “Hot 50″ green products for 2009 and the 2009 Green Log Home Award for being an eco-friendly insulation option. 
  • Spray foam requires less energy to make than fiberglass insulation. 
  • Some spray foam insulations such as Icynene are made up of renewable energy sources like castor oil and has cut the use of petroleum products. 
  • Open cell spray foams can be sprayed with water, rather than a chemical agent. 
  • Reduce your home’s production of greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide or HFCs by thousands of tons a year.
  • Reduce your use of ozone-depleting substances.
  • Make your home last longer so materials don’t wind up in landfill.
  • Use fewer materials in production and installation.

 Green Weaknesses

  • Some spray foams are petroleum based products.  However, open cell foam products like Icynene are not.
  • Foam insulation has the same R-Value as fiberglass insulation but less than cellulose.  R-Value is by far one of the most misunderstood building codes.  As building technology has improved, many engineers and architects understand, most energy is lost through air leakage, regardless of R-Value. 
  • Foam products that advertise soy as an ingredient many times don’t have a significant amount of soy in the product overall (17% for example).
  • Most spray foams are not flammable.  In residential use, spray foam is required to not be flammable.  However, there are some flammable foams out and can lead to confusion. 
  • It takes more energy to create spray foam than it does a recycled foam product. 
  • One component of spray foam insulation is an isocyanate, something that people should not breathe.  However, there are only a few seconds when this gas is released, at the beginning of the insulation process, and this is the reason that an installer wears a mask.
  • Poor foam insulation quality or installation can lead to voids or air pockets. 
  • Foam insulation is not made up of recycled materials.  However, new products, such as the Icynene LD-R-50, are made up from renewable materials, such as castrol oil. 



“I have worked with Steve and Tasos for several years. They know that I am dedicated to high performance homes at a reasonable cost and they have always delivered with good and conscientious work.

It can be difficult to upgrade an old Portland home to a high level of efficiency and comfort. Air sealing and insulation is the first and most important step to bring an old house up to a 21st century standard of performance. To achieve this high efficiency, spray foam is very near the only silver bullet out there, but spray foam is a material that does require both experience and technical expertise. I know I can turn to Tasos Construction for both. I have done several whole house retrofits and some attic only jobs with Tasos and every time clients notice an immediate difference. You will wonder why you put up with a drafty old house for so long.”

Hans Nielsen, Bau Hans Construction

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