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Infrared Photography

home_infrared photoTasos Construction LLC has all the latest energy auditing technology available.  Using infrared video and still cameras, Tasos Construction LLC captures thermography images to effectively measure surface temperatures.

Thermography images make it easy for Tasos Construction LLC to determine where energy loss is occurring, whether insulation was installed correctly or is still effective and if further insulation is needed.  Also, because wet insulation conducts heat faster than dry insulation, thermographic scans of roofs can often detect roof leaks.

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“I have worked with Steve and Tasos for several years. They know that I am dedicated to high performance homes at a reasonable cost and they have always delivered with good and conscientious work.

It can be difficult to upgrade an old Portland home to a high level of efficiency and comfort. Air sealing and insulation is the first and most important step to bring an old house up to a 21st century standard of performance. To achieve this high efficiency, spray foam is very near the only silver bullet out there, but spray foam is a material that does require both experience and technical expertise. I know I can turn to Tasos Construction for both. I have done several whole house retrofits and some attic only jobs with Tasos and every time clients notice an immediate difference. You will wonder why you put up with a drafty old house for so long.”

Hans Nielsen, Bau Hans Construction

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